Develop your elevator pitch

The concept of the ‘elevator pitch’ is simple.  You should be able to clearly explain what you do for people, how you take their pain away and the benefits of working with you, in the time it takes you to share a lift/elevator journey with someone.

It’s also known as a ’60 second pitch’ and there’s a simple 4 step structure that works really well and better engages the person you are speaking with so that they are more likely to be interested in what you do than if you just tell them ‘I’m a director of xyz’ or ‘I’m a coach’ for example.  This resource shows you how to put your own together in a powerful way that works.  You may need more than one if you wear multiple ‘hats’.

We’ll look at:

  • The purpose of an elevator pitch
  • How step 1 illustrates a problem in a way your listener can relate to
  • How step 2 builds on the pain of the problem
  • How step 3 explains what you do in very simple terms such as how you help people to overcome, increase or improve something
  • With step 4 wrapping up and clearly illustrating the benefits of working with you, building on the pleasure of the solution to your listener.

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