Plan your marketing for a workshop or event

This is a simple resource in table format that helps you plan for an event such as a workshop session you want to fill.

It helps you identify your key dates, the 8 week plan in the run up to the event and helps you identify how and where you can effectively market the event.

It includes a worksheet with instructions and another with the overall plan:

  • Suggestions for various routes to market including speaking, networking, social media
  • Helps you plan your email marketing campaign plus any follow up phone campaigns
  • Getting clarity on whether you will work with anyone else to fill the event – joint venture partners, sponsors, strategic alliances, etc
  • Checking websites you can add the event to (including any networks you are a member of), and managing payment collection
  • Identifying topics for your own personal and professional development plan.  What do you need to learn/improve to do this even better?

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