Lisa Lieberman-Wang is a best selling Author, co-creator of neuroscience NAP and Licensed Master NLP Practitioner.  She’s an international speaker having trained over 120,000 professionals. She has appeared on radio and television CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, The CW, NuvoTV, etc. Spoke at Harvard, Navy, Women Leading the Future among others.

In this live recorded webinar you will learn how to think about branding in a new way. Whether we intend it or not we ALL have a personal brand and in this Masterclass you will learn how to be proactive about your personal power. (Nb: This Masterclass is 1.08 hours. It was run as part of our 100 Club series) 

  • How your beliefs shape your brand 
  • Removing unconscious sabotage 
  • Your business territory 
  • Recognising mediocrity in business 
  • Creating new business standards 

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