There are diverse types of marketing. Although people talk about ‘Sales & Marketing’, you can’t really do any selling, or deliver anything, until you’ve done some marketing.

What does your business do and how do you get the word out and find clients/customers or influence key stakeholders to launch a new idea or product?

Here you will find resources on:

  • Online marketing (including social media platforms, blogging, visual marketing, endorsements and recommendations, etc)
  • Offline marketing (including speaking, networking, referrals, email)
  • Tracking what works, or doesn’t
  • Creating your Marketing Plan – including the 2 things that give 80% of your return
  • Your USP – what makes you special and different
  • Creating a powerful Elevator Pitch – to share what you do, quickly and powerfully
  • Finding the right people – your ideal target market (including client avatars)
  • Connecting with your clients or peer group in the right way
  • Engaging with stakeholders to build profitable relationships