Getting to grips with your profit and loss and your cash flow

This fully customisable spreadsheet contains two worksheets. One is for entering data relating to your profit and loss figures so that they can be calculated for you.  It also helps you to clearly see and manage your budgets and costs.

The second tab/worksheet monitors your cash flow.  Remember the phrase ‘turnover is vanity; profit is sanity, and cash is king’.   It’s important that you know and understands your incomings and outgoings financially so that you can manage them effectively and keep a good cash flow level in your business.

  • You can list various income streams (by product, person, service for example)
  • You can show detailed and multiple entries for types of expenditure. Member of several networking groups? You can list them individually if you like. Have multiple advertising campaigns running? Again, you can list them separately.
  • You’ll get a month by month breakdown of your profit and loss figures and your cash flow (beginning cash, net cash from operations in the month and current cash position)
  • You can look at the budget -vs- actual
  • Profit is shown as a percentage of turnover

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