Burke Franklin has spent over 40 years studying marketing, sales, management and spiritual pursuits like meditation, visualization and martial arts as well as flying, music, and travelling the world. He believes his magic power is understanding how to apply technology to real life, and how to tweak things to make them work more efficiently and smoothly.

Since introducing his software Biz Plan Builder 25 years ago, over 2 million people across the world have used it to start, finance and build businesses.

In this recorded live webinar Burke will share everything he has learned about financing and scaling high potential businesses. (Nb: This excellent webinar with PPT  is 1.38 minutes and was delivered as part of a group Mastermind in 2016 ) 

Even if you don’t need to raise capital for your coaching business, you might have a client who needs support in this area. 

  • How much capital should I raise 
  • Whats my deal worth 
  • How much of the company should I give up
  • How do I motivate investors 

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