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Nine Essential Elements for Business Success (NEEBS)

A simple business model that encapsulates and simplifies over four decades of experience.   The model works for businesses of all shapes, sizes and types.  It works just as well for a one-(wo)man band as for a team.  

Introduction to the 9 Box Model

You can see that the 9 Boxes have been designed like a Rubik’s Cube.  There are 3 columns or ‘pillars’ in your business and 4 key cornerstones.

9 Boxes NEEBS Model
Nine Essential Elements for Business Success (NEEBS)

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  1. Vision Mission and Goals for the business
  2. Time (being more productive)
  3. Financials in business such as budgeting and business planning
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Delivery (how to deliver courses, room layout, checklists, coaching Agreements)
  7. Operations and admin(systems set up, T&Cs, Legal, CRM, filing and storage, disaster recovery
  8. Team (Running successful meetings, handling conflict, DISC)
  9. Results (KPIs, business planning, dashboards