The blessing of the warm and bright summer continues for most of us in Europe. We have had the respite of rain and cool breezes received with gratitude. It has been a most unusual time filled with heat and eclipses and some considerable chaos. This is all leading to a new order, to necessary and inevitable change on a global scale.

When we are experiencing or observing chaos, we can be certain that it is an indication of an imminent breakthrough. If the experience involves pain or suffering, we must also look at where we are thinking we or someone else is guilty. Those who have integrated the essence of being innocent can look at anything, embrace ‘what is’, and correct mistaken thinking. I am deeply trusting that process in this time of accelerated energy.

We are Listening Together . . .
One of my greatest pleasures is the opportunity to answer questions. Over many years of teaching and learning, I have come to realise that answers are inherent in the question. Thus, I always encourage people to seek for questions, instead of looking for answers. I am deeply grateful to be asked questions because I then can learn the answer along with the one who has asked. We are listening together.
Recently, I was asked about mistrust of authority, and the sense (and sometimes fact) that those in authority are not listening. This is not an uncommon issue for people. Mistrust of authority stems, in part at least, from our experience of early life. 
We are listening now because YOU are listening to yourself and becoming your own authority. There will always be people who have more experience in areas that you need to take advantage of. When you are your own authority, then you are the one who chooses whom to trust and follow. 
You have a choice to think of Authority as a service and support for you.  

We awaken new consciousness when we can acknowledge mistaken thinking in ourselves and others, forgive, and move on to educate and reform societal thinking.
I appreciate your trust and respect for my experience and expertise. What you honour in your teachers and mentors is always available in you. ACIM says that we look outside ourselves and see what we have (already) looked inside and seen. Your experience of  life may have caused you to mistrust your choices. Now you are coming to see the benefits of remembering and healing your  experiences. You can trust yourself as the authority in your life. You are making profound movement forward in this precious Life.”

I think that the changes that are taking place are about seeing the whole truth about the patriarchy and the dominance it has had. We are changing and must take responsibility for our own perpetuation of mindless subservience to corrupt authorities and systems. We must look inside and become more consistent in thought, speech and action. 
Are you walking your talk?
Are those to whom you turn for support walking their talk?
What would you need to do in order to deepen your respect for yourself?
What could you do or say that would cause you to increase your self-esteem?
What is your definition of respect?
Respect comes from the Latin, re – back, again; and specere – to see spy.
Could ‘look again’ with unconditional Love at what you are holding against yourself be an act of forgiveness and a reason to hold yourself in higher esteem?
Please, communicate, share with me, and ask questions. We are doing this Together.

Focused Action is called for now. Stay on purpose and remember that you are the Light, pure and innocent at the core of Being. Connection is the intention in all things human. Ask yourself the question many times a day, ‘What can I do or say to create a deeper connection with myself and the others?’ You have the answers.

From my heart to yours in this Summer,