Women: Our unspoken challenge

Xmas is a crazy time for all of us and especially for the homemaker who is overwhelmingly still female. I laughed this Xmas as I tried to be wonder-woman because this self-inflicted pressure was magnified due to my company being in a serious process of fundraising. Then I came across an article I wrote eight (more…)

A Time of Intense Energy

I am keenly curious about how this time of intense energies has impacted you. Transition and change are inevitable, and most people whom I know are very aware of a push forward whether they want to be or not.  The breath is our greatest ally in times like these. It supports us to handle more (more…)

How unconscious addictions can keep us stuck

How unconscious addictions can keep us stuck It is October 1st and Monday. What does that mean to you? Same old Monday blues? Or excited because it is a new week and the 1st of the month and the 1st day of Q4 ? Having been a coach and performance expert for nearly two decades I have a (more…)

Healing your relationship with authority

The blessing of the warm and bright summer continues for most of us in Europe. We have had the respite of rain and cool breezes received with gratitude. It has been a most unusual time filled with heat and eclipses and some considerable chaos. This is all leading to a new order, to necessary and (more…)

6 Ways to make sure your goals are congruent

In my one-to-one coaching I notice that there is a common theme. Lack of clarity around short and long term goals. The research supports my sense that we are hesitant to set goals and I often wonder why this is. Could it be because we prefer to be in the flow and see where it (more…)

Why Are You Fasting?

Welcome,  Binnie. A. Dansby It was  truly a bright and beautiful July. Every day has been filled with sunshine. England feels like California. Although some of us truly love the warmer weather, there is also growing concern about the warming of the planet, as well as other social and political issues. Having a spiritual practice (more…)

What I learnt from C-Suite Execs over 15 years as a leadership expert

Like everything in life there, being effective and reaching your goals, isn’t luck or chance but science and method. I have had the tremendous gift of 15 years’ experience working with Corporate Executives in my Life Design seminars, Leadership Development frameworks and roll-outs, Public Speaking, Women Leaders Speak Out research, writing and one-to-one coaching. I (more…)

Making peace with being physical

I began the ‘merry, merry month of May’ in Denmark where I was gifted generously by Mother Nature. I had the pleasure of watching the spring green, the colour of choice and resurrection, burst forth with colour in the form of flowering hedges and trees. My friend Iben’s garden went from only green to a (more…)

Let Go of Your Plans

Welcome!  April, 2018, lessons in forgiveness and innocence and surrender from the Great Universal Teacher, Life. Life itself and all its representatives are showing us how we are and what we need to know all of the time, if we are listening and watching with love. A long-time client asked me to define surrender recently, (more…)