Binnie. A. Dansby, Tracey Carr, Tony Burgess, Julie French, Mary Collins and Andy Gwynn are coaches for members on AMA (Ask Me Anything) weekly video calls.

Tracey Carr

Whenever I am with Tracey there is an energy that is almost uncontrollable. She is a hive of ideas and above all has the ability & intellect to see them through. She is a fantastic speaker who adds innovation and flair to any project she is involved in. Tracey is passionate about Women and is an absolute giver in terms of her time and ideas. Tracey is a team player who delivers what she says she will, plus 30% extra.

Tracey is undoubtedly one of the most engaging speakers I have ever met. When we first spoke together at Intellect, I was in total awe of her people skills and ability to draw and inspire her audience. She is an absolute role model in terms of her ideas and passion to deliver. Interactions with Tracey always leave me inspired about life and full of ideas for the future.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tracey as a speaker, thought leader or to deliver leadership programmes for Women. Tracey is already hugely successful, however I know there is more to come, I, for one am looking forward to being part of that journey.

Vanessa Vallely CCMI ... Managing Director - WeAreTheCity | WeAreTheCityJobs | GenderNetworks | CareersClub | WeAreTechWomen

"I have worked with Tracey on numerous occasions over the years and have always been impressed with her ability to add value to organisations by making a significant difference to individuals. She has a great talent for recognising and helping those individuals to articulate deep-rooted needs. In addition she has the skills and attributes which enable her to effectively support participants as they work to address the needs. Of particular note is Tracey's 'down to earth' approach, which is built on years of practical 'life experience'. She constantly uses that to relate to participants and more importantly, help them establish practical strategies and tools to deal with their challenges. This style of approach also makes her someone that others often turn to as a confidant and a source of support and knowledge which they inevitably continue to use over many years. Tracey's relationship building skills are not only demonstrated with participants, but also at every level of client organisations and most particularly, at the senior levels. Here she combines a personable approach, expert knowledge and commercial savvy to be influential and help Business/HR sponsors sell their solutions.

I am happy to recommend Tracey as a business partner and someone who will deliver results."

Mike Lynch ... Director at SM Training & Development Ltd

"I first met Tracey Carr as a student of my Finding True Magic distance learning course in transpersonal hypnotherapy/NLP several years ago. Having witnessed Tracey's profound commitment to empowering women in business over the years, and having seen how she consistently engages her knowledge and experience to help others succeed at what they do, I have the greatest admiration for Tracey Carr's heart-centered approach to executive coaching.

Not only is Tracey an expert coach, she is also encouraging a global standard of excellence in regard to coaching skills and coaching-related technologies that assist others in achieving their life goals. I would recommend Tracey Carr to anyone wishing to put their dreams into action!"

Jack Elias ... Author | Therapist | Life Coach | Founder & Director of the Institute for Therapeutic Learning

I worked with Tracey some time ago but felt compelled to write to her this weekend to say how much my time with her impacted - as I have achieved EVERYTHING I set to achieve in her course. Inspiring and impactful. Life changing. Thanks Tracey!

Kate Lester ... Founder, Diamond Logistics Ltd

"Tracey has worked with us for 18 months to constantly expand and refine our portfolio of training and development courses. As a relatively large mutli-skilled consulting practice the requirement is for a very broad range of skills that constantly changes to meet client demands and industry trends. From genesis, through delivery and finally follow up coaching, her enthusiasm and determination to give us exactly what we need when required has been most impressive, with all our expectations met or exceeded in most instances.
I would unreservedly recommend both Tracey and her company to those looking for more than just "another off the shelf training course" provider."

Roger Baileff ... Programme Director, CGI

"We at Lloyds Banking Group are passionate about supporting women in business and moving them through the talent pipeline.

Tracey's Authentic Leadership course provided valuable advice to high potential women to supplement their development and learning and feedback was excellent.

This helped create a powerful group of future female leaders that will have the full range of talent and skills to support our business and our customers."

Diana Brightmore-Armour ... CEO Corporate Banking and Co-Head Corporate Markets, Lloyds Banking Group

Binnie A. Dansby

Binnie is a rare gem. To have the experience of knowing her, working with her and learning from her is a privilege. My heart has expanded through her presence. The possibilities that exist for my life have been enriched. With deep gratitude for Binnie's presence in my life.

Katie Abbott ... Transformational Coach, Founder, Pause Place, London

Binnie Dansby is a brilliant teacher and coach: Clear, knowing and loving. She creates transformation. She has been of tremendous help in my professional life as a project coordinator, coach and breathworker - and a loving support in my private life.

Tove Jensen ... lawyer and coach, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wonderful and simple teaching from Binnie has taught me to live together with myself and for myself.


"To write something about Binnie’s work as a supervisor, is in my mind and in my body. There is so much information, I could write a book about the matter. For me, she is an expert of co-creation, as she is so deeply aware of every aspect of highest co-creation process possible, which is the process of conception, gestation and giving birth. That expertise is shown in every interaction and endeavour in her life . I deeply admire how she co-creates with so many great people so miraculously, Yes, including with me. She is an expert on the matter of support, how crucially important that is in every creative process. I have been so, so many times supported by Binnie to the bottom of my core and that has given me the opportunity to release on even deeper levels I could imagine to be possible. Thank you so much for that! I am so, so blessed that you are in my life. "

Solve Maiberg ... SOURCE Process and Breathwork Therapist

"In my work as a psychologist one of my most important tools I didn’t learn in university. It is SOURCE Process and Breathwork, developed by Binnie A. Dansby. What she has brought to the world of body-therapy is amazing and profound.
Binnie creates community and safe spaces for healing.
Personally, the years in Binnie’s training lay a foundation in me, that I still treasure. Her teachings had an impact on finding my man, creating a wonderful relationship, and bringing my daughter safely into the world.
I am grateful, and I recommend Binnie and her work to everyone willing to go deep."

Ranka Skak ... Psychologist, Workshop Leader, Therapist, Author, Copenhagen, Denmark

Short excerpt from Dan Brule’s book, JUST BREATHE, Atria Books/Simon and Schuster, p76-79:
"Binnie A Dansby is an inspiring teacher and a gifted therapist healer, writer and philosopher. She is among the most experienced breathworkers on the planet and founder of a personal and professional development system called SOURCE Process and Breathwork She has a host of amazing tools and techniques for empowerment."

Dan Brule ... Author, Breathwork Therapist and Lecturer

Julie French

Julie is an expert coach with the right balance of empathy and challenge. She has a wide variety of techniques to hand, particularly through NLP, and I have found her incredibly helpful.

Sue Duerdoth ... Company Director at Goodyer Scientific Instruments Limited

Julie trained the management team at Lafarge during my time there. Julie took the team through the DiSC profile and coaching. Giving us all an insight into our preferences and how to work with each other, all presented with a backdrop of positivity and how to change beliefs, life in the pink bucket is good!

Julie also led me through the Work of Leaders during the coaching sessions that we had. As a trainer and expert practitioner of the GROW model, Julie supported me and helped me gain clarity and focus. Julie is always calm, structured and very positive. Any time spent with Julie is a good investment.

David Drain ... Maintenance Manager at Lafarge Tarmac

I worked with Julie, some years ago, as part of my management development programme. I found her to be very committed, focused and constructive in her approach. I learned a lot from my work with Julie which has helped me in my professional career and also on a personal level.

Gabriel Sharkey ... Head of Finance at Citizens Advice

Tony Burgess

One of the finest people to walk the planet in my view.
Kind, generous, smart, connected and progressive, you won't find too many folk around who are like or as good as Tony. Look far and wide.
When you need to examine and ponder things in a different way … talk to Tony.

Thomas Power ... Founder of Ecademy

Tony is a high integrity individual who wholeheartedly practises what he preaches. Extremely professional and engaging in all he does, his methodologies and insight into what makes people successful are of the highest level. Tony is both a very valuable partner to companies who wish to extract every ounce of potential from their people, and a genuinely great person to know.

Rob Brown ... Founder and CEO of BD Academy

Mary Collin

I've known and worked with Mary over many years and she continues to amaze me with her knowledge and coaching skills. It's fantastic to have Mary as my coach to keep me going in the right direction and focused on the important areas of my business. She is also an amazing resource, rarely found in any business.

Christina Jackson ... Business Coach

Mary Collin, compered our Headz Up Business, International Women's Day event at which 100 + women in business and professionals attended. Mary was excellent, introducing the keynote speakers and facilitating the smooth running of the speakers throughout the day. She is brilliant at capturing the audience’s attention and engaging with them. Our attendees said the event was by far the best yet, as they thought Mary was a personable and warm compere who created a Q & A that involved them in the conversation. Mary has a very special quality of making everyone around her be their best! We highly recommend Mary Collin and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Pushpa Alexander ... Deliver Digital & Expo Organiser

I have known Mary for many years and can happily vouch for her integrity and professionalism in all that she does. Mary is an inspirational public speaker and a highly skilled business coach whose success strategies will improve the productivity of any business.

Michael Sloyan ... connecting corporate buyers internationally

Andy Gwynn

What a phenomenal difference your sales coaching has made to my business! Thank you.

Having been successful in sales positions globally for over 10 years I figured I’d heard and done it all before; however, I was compelled to meet you after hearing about the great results you were delivering for many of my associates.

I found your approach refreshingly direct, and massively effective! Certainly, I tell my associates and clients to invest in your coaching only if they are serious about growing their business – it is not for the curious or light-hearted.

The biggest benefit personally was that your coaching is not theory based, or a regurgitated, reworked model of someone else’s sales principles – it was an opportunity to share potentials and uncertainties in a hugely challenging, insightful and ultimately action-focused environment from a professional who has shared the same successes, pitfalls, frustrations and experience.

Angie Eagan ... Pure Vision UK

Unknown to them, two of my team were measured for productivity during the month before and after they attended Andy’s training. Both demonstrated an increase of 15% in their appointment-setting results.

Toby Harris ... Responsiva Ltd

I first saw your Six Steps seminar with my business partner when we were sliding towards a commercial abyss. He said "we can't afford him" - I said "we can't afford not to have him".

We didn't have you and six months later my partner and I went our separate ways having had to put part of our business into administration. I managed to salvage one section of the business and started going it alone. First big learning - how many successful sports teams have a coach? So why do many business owners think they can go it alone? It's no different - we all need mentors, teachers and guides to show us what we don't know, or what we could be doing better.

Shortly after our split you made that all important follow up call to me and we started working together. It is an understatement to say that you have literally changed my life. You have introduced me to a new way of thinking - opened my mind up to new possibilities - expanded my previously limited horizons. I now know how to run a business properly using your system.

When we started working together my business was worth nothing, it was unsellable. 18 months later I have successfully sold it, having managed to turn it around - all this made possible only with your expert guidance and coaching.

Pete Uglow ... Ex-SME owner. Now 'retired' to do whatever I choose.