Coach Development Community (CDC) is a consortium of professional coaches, trainers and practitioners who support and promote the development of those who support the growth of others ~ in their emotional, professional and commercial vitality.

CDC Purpose


  • To formulate and maintain a supportive development framework that covers three broad areas being:
  • 1
    Personal  Development
  • 2
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education Credits (CEU)
  • 3
    Business Education (for private clients only)
  • To support the professional practice of HR managers, coaches, trainers, mentors, seminar leaders, teachers, counselors,  & training professionals  ~ for deepening the transformation possibilities for themselves and their clients.
  • To maintain and uphold the ethical integrity of our community, its members and ourselves.
  • To encourage, nourish and expand the community to facilitate the exchange of methodologies, ideas and discoveries for teachers and students for their mutual enrichment.
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    To give international endorsement to our members who take part in their own professional and personal development through continuing education.
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    To initiate, solicit, and sponsor research projects and professional forums that promote the knowledge and continuing development of our industry, providing validation for its methodologies and outcomes.

It is our desire to help human beings embody and grow in an environment of love, safety and wisdom. We dedicate our work to promoting personal, professional and commercial wholeness ~ with nothing left out.