The Coach Development Community was Co-founded by Binnie A. Dansby and Tracey Carr who have now been joined by a global group of Leaders dedicated to supporting those who support others.

Tracey Carr

Tracey Carr

Tracey Carr, founder of GoalShaper, the world’s first digital success system for coaches and their clients, has worked with FTSE C-Suite Leaders since 2001 and has run her flagship seminar (The 6 Distinctions of Highly Successful People) on 3 Continents for over 15 years.

Tracey pioneered the gender IQ concept as a tool to help increase senior female representation and her  ‘Women Leaders Speak Out’ research helped shape the Gender Diversity movement and was published twice in 2006 and 2008 and featured in the FT and the Telegraph. Her work with the Met Police was endorsed by the prior Secretary of State ~ Patricia Hewitt. 

Alongside her work, Tracey has been single Mum to three daughters who are now impressive young women and a real inspiration to all. Tommy the Westie is the heart beat of the family. 

Tracey’s mission is to reach and inspire as many people as possible in her lifetime and yoga helps her stay strong.

Binnie A. Dansby

Binnie A. Dansby is a pioneering and inspired international teacher/facilitator of human transformation. She is also a gifted therapist, philosopher and author. She has created a coherent, applied and integrated philosophical model and educational structure that is relevant across a broad spectrum of life experience.

Binnie’s accomplishments in life include being a singer-actress and New York fashion designer to mother of two sons and grandmother of seven. She participated in pioneering rebirthing breathwork with Leonard Orr beginning in 1975, trained as a clinical hypnotherapist with Dr. Joseph Spear, and is a devoted student of the teachings of Master O. Mikael Aivanhov, Tibetan Buddhism, and A Course in Miracles.

Binnie is coach, mentor and friend to so many people who have grown significant businesses just being touched by her presence.

Nothing is more important to Binnie than teaching about the power of breath.

Julie French

Building on a successful career as a senior manager leading large teams, managing multi million-pound budgets and operating at board level, Julie went on to become a founding director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd in 2004. She now works with people from many walks of life, including employees, managers, leaders and teams to help them to become more effective in their roles, to achieve their desired outcomes and experience more joy and fulfilment in life.

Julie is a highly experienced executive coach. She’s a master trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She’s a trainer in ‘Everything DiSC’ and a certified Havening Techniques practitioner. Julie is also an experienced professional speaker and a fire walk instructor. Combining exceptional listening skills with a creative and empowering approach, Julie assists organisations and individuals to realise their full potential.

Julie loves life and one of her great characteristics is in ‘exploding warmth’ wherever she goes!

Tony Burgess

As an experienced specialist in personal and professional development, most of Tony’s time is now spent delivering performance-enhancing and life-enriching programmes for people who are hungry for more success and fulfilment in their lives.

Tony has a degree in psychology and for more than two decades he has specialized in helping people to thrive in their endeavors by teaching them powerful ‘mental and emotional fitness’ techniques and offering them super-effective connection and communication tools.

As a founding director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd, Tony draws on his expertise in the areas of NLP, DiSC® and Havening Techniques® in his day-to-day work. He often trains and coaches other people-development professionals (such as coaches, trainers, therapists, consultants, medical practitioners). He loves the fact that this creates many positive ripples and waves that carry benefits far and wide into the world.

Tony’s core principles to guide the way he lives his life are ‘living fully alive’, ‘making a positive difference’, ‘loving kindness’ and ‘inspired action’. By congruent example he constantly strives to inspire others to ‘shine’ brighter.

Mary Collin

Mary Collin

Mary is an award-winning Business Coach, Trainer and Professional Speaker who started in business back in the low-tech days of the 1970s although she loves the freedom offered by today’s high-tech environment.   she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge and specializes in the areas of recruitment, training and personal & professional development. She was a Founding Member of the PSA (Professional Speakers Association) in the UK and Founder President for the Midlands Region.

Mary has been much sought after by companies in the UK and overseas and has regularly been described as “a safe pair of hands”, “warm and approachable” and “hugely practical”.  Her clients find her down to earth skills, easily-implementable strategies, together with her EQ/Emotional Intelligence and leadership skills an inspired and winning combination.  If you’re open to being the best you can be, and you’re ready to transform and grow your business whilst enjoying balance in your personal life then she’s likely to be a great fit for you.

Mary now works primarily in the field of professional development – combining her passions for people and business through coaching and building a franchised team of Trainers and Coaches using her 9 Box Model which offers a simple one-page business plan covering the ‘NEEBS Model’ – the Nine Essential Elements for Business Success as the overarching structure.

She lives and works with her partner, Andy Gwynn.

Andy Gwynn

Andy Gwynn

Andy is an award winning business coach and author of The Business Coach. He is also a member of the ISMM (Institute Sales & Marketing Management).

Andy is also considered as one of the most sought after LinkedIn Speakers, Trainers & Coaches in the world. He has coached 100’s of Business Owners & Corporate Directors to greater profitability, financial freedom and successful relationships across their business and personal lives.

More recently Andy applied his business development, sales & marketing skills to using LinkedIn ( which he believes to be one of the most powerful & yet underutilised tools in the world today) to help 100’s of businesses generate more sales, redundant people get their next job & even helped his 20 year old nephew find his own internship in Hong Kong !!

Andy is proud to have helped client’s double and triple their businesses and even helped them take their business from close to bankruptcy to selling for a million in just 19 months.

Andy is also very proud of his ultra-long beard.

Victoria Rossihin

Victoria  is the founder and CEO of Informed Motion Group - a successful digital agency and the tech partner for Coach Development Community. She started out as a software engineer working for large Blue Chip Brands such as Merck and gained experience in web site UI and development, information architecture, creative direction, brand development, database services, digital strategy, customized software development and hosting strategies.

Victoria is passionate about technology and has worked with firms of all sizes for almost 20 years, she loves to help bridge the gap for SME business owners by understanding business needs and translating business requirements into technical functionality that helps those businesses grow and achieve their goals.

Victoria enjoys daily the "thrills of adolescence" by being a mother to 2 young children who have been a never ending source of inspiration and joy. 

Gerard O’Donovan

Gerard is the founder and CEO of The Noble-Manhattan Group. Europe’s premier and longest established professional coaching and coach training organisation and the Founder and CEO of The ALPHA Group the leading Peer to Peer group to help owners of SMEs in 21 countries.

Gerard is also Non-Executive Director and Past President of the IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) The World’s leading accreditation body for professional coaches. The Chairman of the ICN – International Coaching News- World’s largest Coaching Publication. Founder and CEO of Coach Radio International- The leading personal development internet-based Radio Platform and a Master Coach for C Suite business executives.

Gerard loves nothing more than flying all over the world helping people to become more and have more.